The Aptamarker platform

The Aptamarker Platform is based on the quantification of the amount of aptamer bound to a target in blood as a means of determining the amount of that target present. By doing this with aptamer libraries we are able to characterize variation in the amounts of a very large number of potential targets in blood simultaneously. We are then able to identify which of these aptamer/target combinations are the most meaningful for diagnosis based directly on correlation of aptamer frequency with variation in a phenotype. Finally, we determine a set of aptamers that can be use with qPCR analysis to rapidly and cost-effectively fingerprint blood samples. We do not need to know the identity of the targets that the aptamers are binding to. This is different than traditional biomarkers in that we are not able to hypothesize a role for the biomarkers characterized in the pathology, because we do not know the identity of the biomarkers we are characterized. We only know that variation in these targets is meaningful for predicting or diagnosing the disease. Our approach is different from genomics in that knowledge of the sequence of the aptamer is not biologically meaningful. This is not genetic knowledge, it enables the use of the aptamer as a synthetic tool.

Aptamarkers can be applied to


Oncology represents a particular attractive area for application of the Aptamarkerâ„¢ platform…


The identification of biomarkers in blood for neurological disorders faces a further…


Within the category of auto-immune diseases we include irritable bowel diseases (IBD)…

Other diseases

The only constraint to the application of Aptamarkers to a pathology is…

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Peptide Complexes

Our vision

The NeoNeuro platform has the potential to change the nature of health care. Our vision is to enable personalized medicine to a degree that has not been previously imagined. Personalized health care, means personalized diagnosis, this can only be achieved by adding depth to the analysis. We are building a platform that will learn and improve with each additional individual analysed. This will require integration of artificial intelligence with automation of analysis. The ultimate goal is to observe the frequencies of everything in blood, to compare this to individual base levels and to determine when something is going wrong immediately as a result of changes. Our platform is the first that makes a future vision like this imaginable and feasible. There is much to do, but overcoming the inevitability of a disease like AD is where we start. We are looking for investors and partners who are committed to creating sustainable improvements to existing health care systems. The basis of such a system will be one that provides individuals with the tools and capacity to manage their own health and wellness.