There have been 413 clinical trials of Alzheimer’s disease drugs in the last ten years with no drug receiving approval, other than one drug for enhanced memory retention. Why are drugs failing in clinical trials. A key cause is the difficulty associated with measuring an effect on a disease with such variable progression as AD, and the continuing assumption that there is only type of pathology.

NeoNeuro is engaging with pharmaceutical companies to apply the Aptamarker platform to improve clinical trials in three ways.

1.) By developing better, individual projections of the rate of cognitive decline. This can be used to normalize clinical trial data on an individual basis and greatly enhances probability of success.

2.) By creating potential sub-groups of patients based on Aptamarker fingerprints and subdividing clinical trials on the basis of these sub-groups.

3.) By measuring the effect of a drug on AD factors within a clinical trial to refine data analysis into responsive and non-responsive subgroups and if necessary as a basis for the creation of responsive patient cohorts for new clinical trials.

NeoNeuro is providing the Aptamarker platform to pharma. at a cost. This low cost entry platform is meant to allow pharma to test the Aptamarker platform with low financial risk, while also enabling NeoNeuro to expand their database and refine algorithms.